Your Blueprint to Evolve into
Your Identity 2.0 Challenge

Does this sound familiar? You’ve scaled the peaks of success. From the outside, it seems you have it all — financial freedom, business acumen, and a life many desire.

Yet, beneath that accomplished veneer lingers a persistent thought: “Is this truly all there is?” You feel an underlying urge for a richer, deeper experience of life, but the pathway is unclear.

Unveiling Identity 2.0 -

Your Next Evolution

Welcome to a pivotal juncture in your journey. Here, success isn't merely pursued; it's redefined. 'Your Identity 2.0' isn’t just another program; it's a transformative guide designed specifically for individuals like you — those who've tasted success but thirst for a profound personal resonance.

Within Your Identity 2.0 You Will

Bridge that Gap

How to dial in and transform fleeting moments of external success into lasting and meaningful accomplishments.

Evolve You

Stand firm against mediocrity and uncertainty. Instead of merely adapting to your environment, command it in having a holistic pursuit of ‘having it all’.

Master Your Experience

Transition from merely managing time, emotional states, and life to deliberately crafting enriching experiences in alignment with Your Identity 2.0.

Your Identity 2.0 is your roadmap to dialing into a more profound, integrated self—one capable of fulfilling promises to business, family, and society while constructing a reality that replies to the question marks with solid answers of real personal meaning.

Your Identity 2.0 for Authentic Mastery:

Unlike conventional personal development avenues, 'Your Identity 2.0 isn't about fixing problems you don't believe you have. It's about enhancing the life you're already proud of, refining your identity, and allowing you to truly experience YOUR life's pinnacle.

Straightforward Insights, Zero Fluff:

Get to the heart of the matter. Receive precise, actionable guidance focusing on areas yearning for enhancement.

Potent Video Content:

Immerse in activities designed to elevate your self-awareness and uncover uncharted realms of potential within.

Genuine Expert Guidance:

This is a collective endeavor. Connect directly with Daniel and our exclusive member's circle for direct personal insights.

What others say:

"After decades in business, I thought I had it all figured out. Identity 2.0 showed me there's always another level. I've discovered depths and dimensions to myself I never knew existed."

— A. Richards, CEO

What You'll Get When You Enrol:

  • 3 Engine Formula: with 9 video protocols for complete depth of discovery. 

  • 7 Action Worksheets: to connect you with the next version of you. 

  • Expert Guidance: and community camaraderie through our private members area.

    Plus Bonus for Enrolling Today 

  • 1:1 Personal Identity Accelerator Call: With Daniel (Valued $299)

Time to Carve out
Your Next Evolution?

You've landed here because it’s an indication of your deeper quest. More depth. More fulfillment. A more refined YOU awaits. The world already admires the person you are. Now, it’s time to go after the person you were destined to become.

Invest in Your Future Self. Dial in Your Identity 2.0.

About Daniel Lawson

Daniel Lawson isn't just a personal development coach; he's a catalyst for transformation. With top accreditations through the International Coach Guild and continuous learning at the International Coaching Institute, he's as seasoned as he is relentless in pursuing excellence. His expertise in Meta Dynamics, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and Internal Family Systems Therapy arms him with an arsenal of tools tailored to success

For Daniel, every client's journey is an ultimate adventure, filled with opportunities for growth, self-discovery, and achievement. From various industries to individualised consulting, his focus remains unswerving: guiding you to become the best version of yourself.

Trust in his diverse background and extensive training, and join Daniel in creating a life that's not just fulfilling but extraordina © 2023